Sweet Sleep Limited.

After years of working in Bed Design, Retail, Distribution, Manufacturing and Wholesale we decided to take the years of knowledge gained, The good and the bad to form Sweet Sleep Limited,
With every Tom, Kevin and Harry deciding to sell bed's and mattresses these days without knowing what goes into there product, what's suitable for there costumer or even what meets the minimum health and safety requirements of there items. We are here to be one of the exceptions and provide a quality product with quality service at quality prices.

The main question we get asked is "Do You Have A Shop So I Can Try The Mattress, The answer is no we do have a team of experts who can help you make a educated choice on the type of mattress that would suit you, after working in several massive bed stores i have personally found you cant lay on a mattress for 10 or 15 minutes and decide that's right for you it take days if not weeks for a mattress to shape and adjust to your body.

We have Spent Years Sourcing the best Manufactures to provide us with the highest quality and best priced goods as we believe that having the right bed and mattress is key to healthy lifestyle (we do spend a good portion of our life in it after all)


The Difference with us and others  

We have a Fantastic relationship with our manufacturers and have one of our team based in there area to constantly inspect and test the products being shipped to us (ALL OF WHICH ARE HANDMADE IN THE U.K)
which gives us confidence that we are giving you the best product you are paying for.


We believe in keeping the cost as low as possible, its a certainty that we offer better deals than the large bed Super stores this is due to a number of Factors.

1) We are online, We do not need the big fancy stores with huge rents and rates 
2) We work on word of mouth rather than Huge advertising bills
3) There is only a Few different types of mattress (See Our Mattress Guide) these shops take 1 type and change the cover and label add a fancy name and few hundred pounds.

That Being Said We May Not Be The Cheapest but be wary if a deal seems to good to be true it usually is, Things like Quality control is no existent, Reused Materials are common, non fire retardant materials, cheap labour and no checks means you could be letting anyone in your home, and with so little profit margin there's no after sales service.

At Sweet Sleep we pride ourselves on giving the best quality product at the best price and on the odd occasion we do have a problem it is rectified at the nearest opportunity.

If you have any questions for us we are more than happy to answer them just drop us an email at info@sweetsleepbeds.com

if you have seen a bed you like thats not on our product list the chances are we can make it for you or if you have your own design why not see if we can have it made email sales@sweetsleepbeds.com.

Please browse our site and we look forawrd to doing business with you.

Warmest Regards

The Sweet Sleep Team.